Guest Speaker Request

Is your church, ministry, or event looking for a guest speaker?

COST: I do not charge for speaking engagements. The only costs associated are those that are incurred for travel and hotel expenses when speaking out of my local area.

If you’ve taken the time to read My Testimony on this site you already know that I was sexually abused by a Christian Pastor when I was just 10-years old. This incident severed my relationship with Christ and threw me into a never-ending cycle of resentment, bitterness, and hatred towards God. After running from God for over 20-years and surviving such harrowing events as the Pentagon attack on September 11th, and physical/mental abuse from a former spouse; one day God intervened bringing me back to Him just prior to pulling the trigger as I was about to take my own life.

As I began to seek God, and I allowed Him to work through my life; He has transformed from being one of the fiercest adversaries of the Lord, into one of His most willing servants. He has brought me through a terrible ordeal of sexual abuse, where I felt worthless and even angry with God; to now having the great privilege and honor of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ as an ordained minister.

Unfortunately, many people live a life always wondering, “How could God ever use me?” My sermon is centered upon how my life is the evidence that counters the lies that satan tries to tell us. No matter what your past holds, you can recover. There’s no pit that’s too deep that God can’t reach down and lift you out.

If you would be interested in having me come speak at your church or any other kind of setting (inside or outside of church walls), please use the contact form below to reach me. No event or location is too small. I speak to thousands in a stadium, to just a few people in your home Bible study. I look forward to hearing from you.


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