Great Video on Toxic Influences and Taking the Lord’s Name In Vain

Craig Groeschel on taking the Lord’s name in Vain! What does it say about us that call ourselves Christians? It’s the 3rd Commandment but Christians do it all the time… If you can say, text OMG, or stand by and listen to the Lord’s name be taken in vain, what does this say about you as a Christ follower? Are there relationships, thoughts, or behaviors that quietly compromise our well-being? Just because it doesn’t bother you… Doesn’t mean it should’t bother you!!!

Websters Dictionary: “In Vain” = having no real value, used in an irrelevant manner. It does not mean only using HIS name in a cursing manner. Think about it???

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The Stool Skit – Is Jesus Really in Control?

My wife and I did this skit recently at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Suz’s mic did not come on right away. So the line you don’t hear is… “Jesus, I’ve decided to give you this!” It’s about the battle we all face. Wanting to give our decisions over to Jesus, but later finding out it’s much harder than we anticipated. Enjoy ~

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The Thorn – My Theatre Group Ministry

For 4-years now, I have had the pleasure of being part of this great ministry. If you haven’t seen my photos section, I play a Roman Centurion who crucifies Christ. I’m in this promo briefly. Each night upwards of 5000 people attend the show. This year we are touring in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Branson, Missouri in June for 2-weeks. Tickets are on sale at

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Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word – YouTube

This is the best 4-minutes you will ever take to watch something.

Pastor Steve

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